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A Message to Bowling Members

Dear Bowler,

I am contacting you regarding this season’s fees. The vast majority of bowlers have already paid their subscription. Currently we are not able to bowl although I am sure we are all hoping that this will change in the not too distant future. It is however not feasible to look at returning the fees you have paid. The Bowls Section will need to pay our usual annual payment for each bowler’s membership of the Recreation Club to help to fund the ongoing expenses that the Club has, e.g. the payment of wages and the maintenance and day to day running of the Clubhouse. Our own section also has some ongoing expenses e.g. for the upkeep of the green.

If you have not paid this year’s subscription and would like to do so please contact Jeff Hext to arrange this. His phone number is 0151 430 6864 and his email address is

Next season, as a recompense for the lack of bowls this year, Committee will consider the possibility of a one off adjustment to the £30 subscription, for those of you who have paid this year’s full fee.

Margaret Hughes, Secretary

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