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Rainhill Rocket 190 Parade

You will recall of the Rocket190 Parade through the village which was filmed for BBC2 by label1tv last May Bank Holiday.

We have been waiting for a date when the filming of the event would be broadcasted.

At last I received notification yesterday that the programme will be televised in the second programme of’ Monkman and Seagull’s Genius Adventures’, starting on the 18th and 25th May.

Each programme starts on BB2 at 9.00pm with the filmed’ Rocket 190’ Parade on Monday the 25th May.

I am sure you will be interested in the televised programme as this, to my knowledge, is only the second time that Rainhill has been featured programme on prime Television.

I hope you enjoy the series and hope that the programmes will bring some much-needed escapism, interesting history and entertainment to the audience during this time.

If you have a Twitter account, it would be great of you could follow @label1tv and retweet the clip they have added of Eric and Bobby driving to Rainhill!


Gordon Lowe


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