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New Co-Editor

Hi Everyone,

May I introduce myself to you all. My name is Dave Swain and I have been asked by Gordon Lowe to be a Co-Editor of the Rainhill Recreation Club site. I am a member of the Club and participate in the Bowling Section.

The site is for your use and any contributions that you wish to make must be submitted using the link on the Home page of the Rainhill Rec Website, ( )

Each section of the Club (ie. Bowling, Cricket and Football) may wish to publish or report on events so that all members are well informed on their activities. There maybe other items that you would like published and any ideas and contributions would be welcomed. Secretaries of the various sections could add any interesting information to enhance members knowledge on the latest news. Contributions from Social members could also be included.

Any other ideas on the use of the site would be appreciated as it is the Members opportunity to maximise the effectiveness for good communication.

I look forward to receiving your contributions for our site.



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