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Rainhill Bowling Club

Bowls for Health – Update

The Rainhill Recreation Club Bowls section recently ran a 5 week course for new bowlers.The sessions gave them a taste of the sport and an opportunity to play the game and learn some of the rules. We were very lucky that the weather did not interfere with any of the Saturday mornings and we had a very sociable, keen group of new bowlers. 11 people came to the first session and by session 4 it had increased to 20 new bowlers. This was certainly more than intended on our green, nevertheless we managed and everyone continued to enjoy the bowling. The feedback from the new bowlers was very positive. Two of the participants had already joined the Club as new bowlers. In addition we have now had 10 new applications and I am expecting at least 2 more. I would like to thank the many volunteers from the Bowls Section who came along each week and helped to make this such a successful course for all of the new bowlers

Margaret Hughes


League Results

Several members of the Bowling section periodically ask about our standings in the various leagues.

To assist in this please find below the websites that provide the information:

Newton Seniors League      

Newton Night League          

St Helens Pensioners League

St Helens Mens Night League

Widnes Pensioners League 

Widnes Night League                     https:// www.cgleague/widnes-district/

In the majority of cases the “https://” is unnecessary but certain individuals using Smart phones, Ipads or Tablets have had difficulty in making the connection.

Coronavirus Poem (Liverpool Echo)

Rainhill Recreation Club member Peter Jaundrill put pen to paper and composed this poem, which the Liverpool Echo has published. Bravo, Peter!

The world is in such crisis due to COVID-19
and all our lives have had to change in a way we’ve never seen
This virus has claimed so many lives, sadness fills the air,
and we’re told this trend will continue for a big part of the year
But although most news is bad just now, causing so much pain,
keep in mind one certain thing; good times will be back again
Until then follow best advice, stay safe and you will see,
the return of what we hold so precious; Life as it used to be

A Message to Bowling Members

Dear Bowler,

I am contacting you regarding this season’s fees. The vast majority of bowlers have already paid their subscription. Currently we are not able to bowl although I am sure we are all hoping that this will change in the not too distant future. It is however not feasible to look at returning the fees you have paid. The Bowls Section will need to pay our usual annual payment for each bowler’s membership of the Recreation Club to help to fund the ongoing expenses that the Club has, e.g. the payment of wages and the maintenance and day to day running of the Clubhouse. Our own section also has some ongoing expenses e.g. for the upkeep of the green.

If you have not paid this year’s subscription and would like to do so please contact Jeff Hext to arrange this. His phone number is 0151 430 6864 and his email address is

Next season, as a recompense for the lack of bowls this year, Committee will consider the possibility of a one off adjustment to the £30 subscription, for those of you who have paid this year’s full fee.

Margaret Hughes, Secretary

Rainhill Bowls Section AGM Report

The Bowls section MEMBERSHIP currently stands at 101 but will drop a little as some members do not renew their membership for this coming season. There has however been a significant rise in our numbers with the addition of 25 new members who decided to move as a team from the Brown Edge to Rainhill. They have been renamed the Rainhill Bar Team and add another 2 teams to our existing 10. This arrangement has been agreed on a 12 month trial basis which will allow the opportunity for any necessary adjustments to be made. There may well be some challenges in sorting out fixtures etc but I am sure we can resolve these and welcome 2 new teams which bowl to a very high standard.

The ST HELENS PENSIONERS B TEAM, captained by David Dale, had an excellent season, winning 17 of their 20 matches. They finished top of their league and gained promotion to the 3rd division. The RAINHILL LADIES TEAM also had an excellent season not losing any of their games. They finished first in their division and gained promotion to the 1st division.

We again held 2 QUIZZES to raise funds for the bowls section. The first on 29th November was attended by 60 bowlers and their family and friends and the second on 13th March was enjoyed by over 70 people. We made just over £500 in total at the 2 quizzes, a good profit which helps to keep our subs at the current level.
Our second annual FUN DAY on 17th August was organised again by Mal Steward and went very well. The BBQ and the fun bowls proved to be very popular, although I don’t think our bowling around the various obstacles had improved very much in the past year, mine certainly hadn’t.

Our PRIZE PRESENTATION EVENING went ahead this year although only 44 people attended. Those who did attend all agreed that the entertainment was excellent and it was a very enjoyable night. We are booking the same duo again for this seasons PPE so hopefully more of our bowlers and their family and friends will come along.

The section are participating in the BOWLS FOR HEALTH scheme run by Danny Woodworth at Merseyside Sports Partnership .They work with the Education and Health services with the aim of encouraging service users to be more active. Danny helped us to recruit potential new bowlers and we will be starting a 6 to 8 week training course on Saturday 28th March. The scheme has been run in Liverpool and Sefton and it has demonstrated the health benefits for the participants.

We are currently promoting ADVERTISING AROUND THE GREEN. Signs of 8’x3’, designed by the advertiser are made at a cost of £24 plus £50 per annum to display, if anyone is interested or you know anyone please let us know.

Finally I would like to thank ERIC DAVIES for all the maintenance and improvement work he undertakes around the green and the Club area. Last but certainly not least thanks go to RIBBIE for his excellent maintenance of our green which is the envy of many other bowls teams

Margaret Hughes

Unfortunately since this report was prepared the AGM has had to be postponed due to coronavirus. All bowls matches and competitions have also been cancelled and the Bowls For Health training was unable to go ahead. Once life starts to get back to normal we will set new dates for the training.